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Google Sheets VS Airtable for Group Programs!

How To Use Airtable For Your Group Program

Why You Need Airtable, Zapier, and Whimsical for Your Group Coaching Program

Airtable VS ClickUp for Group Programs (Which is Better?)

On our YouTube channel, we teach coaches how to manage every aspect of their growing group programs, masterminds & memberships in Airtable. If you’ve never heard of Airtable before or you’re a super fan like us, you’ll learn how to replace existing spreadsheets, improve your existing Airtable bases and prepare your systems for your next client influx.

If you want to grow your group offer but refuse to let your client experience suffer, be sure to subscribe to our channel for bi-weekly tips & tricks.

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On Systems Famous, we focus on what really matters in the coaching industry: client results. If you’ve mastered sales & marketing, but aren’t focusing on client results, you’re selling on a shaky foundation. Focusing on your client results solves every problem in your business, from marketing to sales to customer service and more.

In each episode, Ashley shares the best systems, software & strategies for tracking, improving & celebrating your clients’ results.

She’ll be talking with your favorite coaches and group program founders about how they have created the most iconic programs in the industry. We’ll go behind-the-scenes and hear how they started, how they became the best in the business, and all the lessons they’ve learned and mistakes they made along the way.

Whether you’re a self-identified systems nerd or not, you’re going to love this show. If you’re committed to getting your clients’ results and creating the go-to coaching program in your industry, this show is for you!

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Airtable is absolutely a requirement for running your coaching business. On this blog, we share tips & resources about how to make your business run more efficiently so you can save you & you team hours of admin time, make more sales, and skyrocket your client results.

Friends don’t let their friends run their businesses with out Airtable.

(And if you’re here, we’re friends! ⚡️) 

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