With Our Industry-Changing Systems:

Your time is freed up to get to know your students, dream up ways to add even more value, and be the best coach you can be.

You’re able to easily gather data that helps improves your curriculum & client experience. Your team won’t be spending hours making pretty reports that are out-of-date by the next day.

Manual tasks are automated & your team’s hours won’t exponentially increase as your program grows.

You'll never turn away new clients again because you’re afraid your systems won’t be able to handle it. You’ll never have to close your program’s doors because you’re afraid your systems will break if you get an influx of students.

You get your clients better results.

You feel confident you can handle your next big launch. 

YOU Save Your team hours of admin time.

You CAN EASILY make data-driven decisions.

With our high-touch automated engagement systems, no one slips through the cracks. Your students are excited your program is growing, not worried that it will lose its intimate feel.

Every client feels seen & taken care of.

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Systems Over Stress is a 12-Month Group Program that helps coaches create a seamless client experience in Airtable.


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With our retainer, you always have me & my team in your back pocket and can feel confident that you're focusing on building your systems the right way, using Airtable to its fullest potential & that you're never working harder than you should. 

Jamie anticipated a mass launch response and wanted to prepare her systems for growth. Before working with us, she didn't have a central place where she kept track of her students. Jamie set up her Group Program Hub just two weeks before her launch and had a seamless onboarding experience for her students. She opened her cart and had nothing else to do. Clients were able to select their name on the onboarding form, and their form was seamlessly attached to their unique record. Her client data is now one click away for review.

"My program has grown to 300 members in just nine months. Having my group program all managed in Airtable keeps me from having to bounce around and keeps me super-efficient. My Airtable Hubs not only track sales but also my customer experience and makes sure no student slips through the cracks. I can't even imagine where my life would be without Ashley's Airtable expertise and support."


“My program has grown to 300 members in just nine months.”

Workflows for Tax Pros

"During my launches before SOS, I used to manually count my Thrivecart emails to see how many sales I was making. I would lose track and have to recount them. I didn't even know how much cash on hand I was making during a launch, just general sales.

My Launch Hub now has everything. It shows me automatically how many people have paid in full, how many are on payment plans, and how far I am from my goal. I am literally able to refresh and not do any math because I just have my dashboard. I was excited for my mastermind launch because I saw on my dashboard I had a 100% sales call conversion. Even though it was in my head, there's something about seeing in on the dashboard. At this point, I'm literally running my business completely out of Airtable."

Kirsten Roldan

Business & Marketing Coach, Million Dollar CEO & Million Dollar Email

"I am literally able to refresh and not do any math because I just have my dashboard."

“I just love that I can see everything in one place. My Primary Student Record in my group program hub is an easy place to see people's individual wins and progress, which I really care about. Seeing wins is SO fun. I love how just everything links back to the person. Even though it wasn't unorganized or a mess before, now I can go into any of my clients' records and see their whole profile snapshot - every question that they asked, linked to a call date and so on.

I also customized the hub for me and my program - I have clients submit their savings wins and now I have all that data in Airtable. Not only do I know what questions each person has asked, I also see exactly how much money they saved and when. It's an insights goldmine.”

Gina Knox

Money Coach, 6-Figure Saver & 7 FIGURE WEALTH

"It's an Insights goldmine."


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