Our automated client results system WORKS whether you have a Group Program, Mastermind, or do 1:1 Coaching. 

This offer is for coaches who know they get their clients results, but aren't tracking them.

Why You Need our Automated Client Results System


Save You & Your Team Time

Your team shouldn’t be spending time hunting down clients and manually filling out tracker spreadsheets. They should be spending time actually analyzing the data and you should be focused on creating resources that help get your clients better results, faster. 


Increase Your Client Results

What you focus on, grows. When you focus on tracking client results, you get more of them. Our client results system helps you automatically track your clients & reporting their results is as much for them as it is for you. Your results tracking won’t feel like a desperate attempt for testimonials, but a commitment to making sure they succeed. 


Market With Integrity

If you’re selling a promise, you need to back it up with receipts. The best way to feel good about your offer is by clearly tracking your client results and being able to pull up all your receipts. You don’t have to worry about being ethical (or even well liked) if you can point to your dozens of client results.


Sell With Ease

Tracking your client results is the easiest way to sell your offer. With our automated client results system, you’ll never be short of data to pull for client case studies, marketing emails, and more.


Make Data-Driven Desicions

You can’t look at trends in your client data if they’re hidden in your Dubsado feedback forms or in random Google Sheets. With all your client data in one central spot, you’ll be able to see both micro & macro trends with your clients. Any question you have about your clients will be answered.

Gina has tracked more than $5M in client results for her program 6-Figure Saver.

“I just love that I can see everything in one place. My Primary Student Record in my group program hub is an easy place to see people's individual wins and progress, which I really care about. Seeing wins is SO fun. I love how just everything links back to the person. Even though it wasn't unorganized or a mess before, now I can go into any of my clients' records and see their whole profile snapshot - every question that they asked, linked to a call date and so on.

I also customized the hub for me and my program - I have clients submit their savings wins and now I have all that data in Airtable. Not only do I know what questions each person has asked, I also see exactly how much money they saved and when. It's an insights goldmine.”

Gina Knox

Money Coach, 6-Figure Saver & 7 FIGURE WEALTH

"i have an insights goldmine."

What We Set Up On Our VIP Day 


We will reverse engineer your program promise and create 3 - 5 strategic milestones so your clients can feel momentum as they work through your offer. Don't let your clients achieve your program promise without fanfare! When your client hits your program promise, you'll be notified and they will be automatically invited to the next level of your offer (or get an email letting them know they did it and be invited to a case study.)  

Measurable Milestones & Results Roadmap

To track your client results ... clients need to know your form exists! We will decide on 4 touchpoints you will put in the results form so you can get the most amount of engagement possible and help create a culture of submitting your results. We’ll set this up live on the call … and real-time data may come in right away!


Despite our best efforts, our clients forget to fill out our results forms. That's OK! We will set up 2 custom reminder emails based on when you want to give them a nudge. (Ex: 7 Days Past Deadline, 30 Days and No Submission, etc.) 



Now that you have all these client results, time to show them off to the world. Any question you have about client results will be able to be answered with your Data Dashboards. 

Customizable Data Dashboards To Showcase Your Receipts

We need to know exactly who your people are and where they’re starting when they work with you. We will audit your existing onboarding form and update it to include simple but comprehensive questions so you can see exactly how your clients begin in your program. 

You’ve already got your clients great results. You’ll send us a CSV of your past & current clients and whatever results you’ve already tracked, and we’ll pre-load them into your new system.

We will build a simple form that doesn't overwhelm your clients and gets the data you need to make sure your students are actually getting the results you promise.When they fill out the form, they’ll get an automated email when they fill out the form with how close they are to hitting their goal. (They’ll love the dopamine hit!) 

Your Client Results Hub (built in Airtable) becomes the source of truth for your offer. It’s one central place where you get to see everything about your clients & their progress. No more digging across multiple Google Sheets and Dubsado Forms.



Historical Import of Past Clients & Client Results

How We Support You After the VIP Day


At the end of our time together, we will have a 60-minute offboarding call to review the results that were collected since we rolled out your new results tracker. We’ll show you how you can use the data in your marketing on Instagram stories, emails, podcasts and more and identify other ways you can use Airtable to improve your student experience and get even more client results.

3-Week Rollout Support Period

Visual SOPs So Your Team Can Customize & Maintain Moving Forward

Never waste your time making an SOP ever again. No more long Google Docs or Loom videos -- visual workflows are the only way. We create visual workflows to go with every piece of your Systems Build so your team knows exactly how everything fits together. With these visual workflows, truly anyone on your team can pop open the workflow, see what's happening, and make adjustments as you grow.

As you roll this out to your clients, we will be there to make sure the process is smooth. We empower your team to make the edits using our Visual SOPs, and are free to hop in & make updates when necessary. 

60-Minute Results Review & Strategy Call 





Is this VIP Day Right for Me?

You might be wondering...

This is not for you if...

  • You are brand new in business and don’t know what you’re selling yet (figure that out then come back!) 

  • You aren’t willing (or don’t have a team) to maintain your Hubs moving forward

  • You don’t want to make changes to your business systems 

  • You aren’t willing to invest in software that will save you time. 

This is for You if...

  • You have multiple spreadsheets floating around duplicate data about your clients, content etc. Not having one “source of truth” makes it hard to get a complete birds-eye-view and make strategic decisions. 

  • You want you (and your team) to spend less time knee-deep in the backend of your spreadsheets so you can focus on closing more clients, providing an amazing customer experience, and growing your audience. (You know, all the things robots CAN’T do!)

  • You’re Airtable-curious. You’ve started a basic Airtable Base but know you’re not using it to its full capacity.

  • You don’t have the time, skills or the interest to learn Airtable from the ground up. You’d much rather an expert come in, set it up right the first time, and train you & your team on how to maintain it. 

  • You’re open to moving to & investing in new software as long as you know it’s going to solve your pain points. If something makes it easier for you to scale without the backend of your business totally breaking, you’re in. 


If you have any specific questions about your tech stack, we will discuss on our Sales Call. 

Airtable and Zapier are our two required softwares for our Automated Client Results System. You do not have to currently be using them to work with us, but we will set them up on our VIP Day. 

Fillout is a form builder we like and recommend, but it is not required.

You don't need much! You need to have your group coaching or 1:1 offer and a general idea of the results you promise in the offer. You do NOT to know exactly what you plan on tracking or have 100% clarity on your program promise. If you have that, great! But if not, we will refine that in our work together. 

You do not already need to use Airtable.

Yes, and we recommend you do! We have worked with many coaches with niches with non-numerical results. (For example, feminist scrapbooking, herbal plant medicine, etc.) There are many creative ways that you can still track results even if it's not an "easy" thing to track. On our VIP Day, we will come up with a tracking system that works for you, regardless of your niche or the results you track.

If you're already using Airtable, great! You are most likely still JUST scratching the surface of all the ways  you can use it to measure and track client results.

Our Automated Client Results System can be plugged into your existing Airtable Base, so it will be a seamless integration! We will audit your existing Base and see how we update your existing assets to strengthen your client results tracking system.

Interested in working with us? Fill out this application and we'll send you next steps!